Molly Hashimoto Explores the Intersection of Nature & Art

On this day in 2019, Molly Hashimoto released Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide.

This book contains more than 80 sketches and prints of western birds crafted by Molly. It includes background information as well as her personal experiences finding each type of bird. Molly also teaches skills in drawing, painting and printmaking throughout the book.

As a nature artist and art teacher, Molly uses Birds of the West to connect with people who appreciate both art and nature, while making the book easily accessible for all. Her primary goal is for people to appreciate birds through the artistic medium she uses to explore them.

Molly’s career has spanned over 20 years, but in that time her mission has remained the same: connecting people to nature and cultural history through hands-on art experiences. In pursuing that objective, Molly teaches outdoor seminars along the west coast. She is a Seattle-based artist who works with students at institutes and national parks, including Yellowstone and North Cascade.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Molly is the recipient of several first prize awards from art festivals, such as the Shoreline Art Festival in Seattle (WA). She has opened many solo exhibitions commemorating the intersection of art and nature at places like the National Parks Conservation Association gallery (also in Seattle).

Beyond writing two other books on birds and nature, Molly has a wide array of art products available through Pomegranate – from boxed notecards and coloring books to bookmarks and calendars.

In 2021, Molly’s two 2022 Pomegranate calendars were the subject of an article by Beatrice Viri for FF2 Media. Bea wrote this about Pomegranate’s 2022 Birds calendar:

“Despite the solo status of Molly Hashimoto’s bird subjects, the bright vivid colors she uses for both the birds and their landscapes capture our eyes. The prints close up on the birds and make them the central focus in each habitat, as they partake in activities required for their survival. I find myself hoping that, although we don’t see them, all the other creatures in each of their lives will continue to thrive, too.”

While Molly Hashimoto’s bird prints are bold and eye-popping, her watercolors are more subtle and very calming.

“Also sold on Pomegranate is her Blooms 2022 mini wall calendar,” Bea continued, “showcasing a collection of flowers in watercolors. These differing styles encompass the many facets of nature – the feeling you get from overlooking nature on a walk or hike, as opposed to a brightly colored bird that tries to ward off predators with its coloring.

Molly justifies her style by saying that catching the sight of a bird is ‘such a startling experience, that a block print is the best approach, [and a] tree is so iconic it calls out for a bold treatment, but a mountain landscape can often be best expressed by a watercolor.’”

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You can find Bea’s article on Molly Hashimoto and her partnership with Pomegranate here.

Check out Molly’s website Molly Hashimoto: Artist’s Journal for more information about her projects and life.

Visit Pomegranate’s collection of Molly Hashimoto’s work, available to purchase.

Order Birds of the West: An Artist’s Guide from Amazon.


Featured Photo from Pomegranate’s 2022 Molly Hashimoto Birds calendar was provided by Pomegranate and are used here by FF2 Media with their permission. All Rights Reserved by Pomegranate.

Bottom image cropped from the front of Molly Hashimoto’s website by FF2 Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner.

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