Celebrating Together at “Waitress: The Musical” in Union Square

Huge thanks to all the FF2 team members (& guests) who celebrated my 72nd birthday with me at Fathom Event’s special screening of Waitress: The Musical at the Regal Union Square.

© Jan Lisa Huttner (12/11/23) – Special for FF2 Media


Link to streaming options for watching Waitress: The Musical at home.

Link to streaming options for watching the original Waitress at home. Waitress (2007), starring Keri Russell as “Jenna,” was written & directed by Adrienne Shelly.


Featured Photo: Sara Bareilles takes WAITRESS Curtain Call at Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre (NYC). Credit: Jason Smith (1/7/19) Everett Collection/Alamy Live News RB6W8D

Bottom Photo: Members of the FF2 Media team (& guests) celebrate in the Regal Union Square lounge after our Waitress: The Musical screening. Photo Credit: Katusha’s husband Nathan! (12/10/23)

From Left: Marine, Farah, Lydia, Julia, Mary Anne, Katusha, ME, Vera & Dorthea.

Note that we are all holding 2024 PomCom calendars — a gift from me at the start a new year 🙂

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