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Amelie Lasker joined FF2 Media in early 2016 after graduating from Columbia University where she studied English and history. She has written plays and had readings for Columbia’s student-written theatre company Nomads, edited the blog for Columbia’s film journal Double Exposure, and worked on film crews and participated in workshops at Columbia University Film Productions. She spent junior year abroad at Cambridge University, where she had many opportunities for student playwrights to see their work produced. 

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Claire Denis’s unique genre of uncomfortable horror

Claire Denis masterfully uses discomfort and disturbance to create tension in all her movies, producing her own brand of horror.


Kathleen Collins’s film and fiction are still delightfully fresh

Even in her fiction, Collins was thinking about the art of point of view and its role in film.


The discovery of Wanda’s voice

It’s delicious to see this kind of character taking up so much space on screen: unkempt, dazed, and aimless, with occasional moments of alertness to take pleasure in something tiny, just because she wants to. 


Cheryl Dunye’s Dunyementaries: friends’ conversations as an art form

Cheryl Dunye’s first feature, The Watermelon Woman, plays with autofiction in film: the plot follows “Cheryl,” played by Cheryl, as she “tries to make a documentary” about an actor from a 1930s film known only as “The Watermelon Woman.”


A dream-like lesbian drama airing at midnight September 1 on TCM: Jacqueline Audry’s Olivia

Olivia is a particularly beautiful watch. Within lavish costumes, bedrooms, and ballrooms, the story is surprisingly intimate.


Peier “Tracy” Shen wishes Truffaut was still around to tell us everything is okay

“As a director, you need to explain your ideas to like fifty people, and you have to somehow be consistent. You share a lot.”