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Anna is currently a senior at Brandeis University studying Film, Journalism, and Psychology. At Brandeis, she writes for the student newspaper and is the undergraduate degree representative of the Journalism program. From theaters to museums to concert halls, she loves exploring the art world in Boston as well as in her Maine hometown. Anna is passionate about FF2’s mission and excited for the opportunity to work alongside a wonderful team dedicated to supporting women artists.

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Cristina Ibarra: Passionate ‘Genius’ at the Southern Border

Cristina Ibarra
Cristina Ibarra is a documentary filmmaker, known for making movies that explore life at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Expect Passionate & Empathetic Performances from Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard From the Land of the Moon
Today is actress and musician Marion Cotillard’s birthday! She has graced both Hollywood and independent film silver screens.

Michelle Schumacher Demonstrates Female Gaze in ‘I’m Not Here’

Still Michelle Schumacher I’m Not Here.
Happy Birthday, Michelle Schumacher! Today we celebrate Schumacher’s career, specifically her film, I’m Not Here.

Anna Camp — Subtle & Smart from Broadway to the Silver Screen

Anna Camp in Egg
Celebrate Anna Camp’s birthday by watching one of her films, or reading about her on FF2 Media!

Márta Mészáros ‘Adoption’ Revolutionizes Motherhood in 1975

Márta Mészáros 'Adoption' stíl
Márta Mészáros 'Adoption' broke new ground for feminist filmmaking by exploring the act of motherhood in an unconventional way in 1975.

Mira Nair Masters Rhythm & Balance in ‘Queen of Katwe’

Queen of Katwe still
On the five-year anniversary of Queen of Katwe, we celebrate filmmaker Mira Nair!