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Elisa’s SWAN Day 2020: Animation

Looking for stuff to do while you’re at home? Never fear! SWAN Day has gone virtual for 2020. Our FF2 team has gathered recommendations of films celebrating women artists across many categories. And of course, the films are made by women, too! Watch and read at your leisure, or collect all of them to have […]


Animator Nina Paley Confronts the Copyright Quandary

In addition to talking with animator Nina Paley about her newest film, Seder Masochism, FF2 talked with her about her views on copyright. Paley describes herself as a copyright abolitionist and has written for QuestionCopyright.org and did a series called Mimi & Eunice about copyright. Paley also did a great Ted Talk called “Copyright is […]


Seder Masochism: Nina Paley’s Irreverent Take on Passover/Easter Rituals

Nina Paley released her new animated film Seder Masochism on the internet in January 2019, Like her stellar Sita Sings the Blues (released in 2008), Seder Masochism uses numerous animation styles including ancient Egyptian stylizations, and even embroidery. Seder Masochism is a satirical retelling of the Jewish Haggadah (traditionally recited every Passover at a meal […]


Female Directors Bring Thought-Provoking Films to CEUFF

I am really excited to be seeing and reviewing films from this year’s Chicago European Union Film Festival at the Gene Siskel Film Center. I’ve been to the festival in the past; I usually catch one film or so each year. This year, I had the chance to see three films by women. It’s really […]