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‘Women Directors and Creators Film Festival moves closer toward Israeli equality

In its third year, The Women Directors and Creators Film Festival spotlighted women in the film and television industry. The festival, which ran from September 1-9 at Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, featured films on the verge of commercial distribution or broadcast - each created by women directors.

DocAviv ’18: Portugali film a highlight of Israel’s world-renown documentary film festival

DocAviv (Israel's world-renown documentary film festival) is an annual screening of more than 110 new documentaries from Israel and abroad, making it one of the leading documentary festivals worldwide.

Michal Aviad’s documentary shows spirit of Dimona settlers

Dimona Twist is partly about that cultural issue, but mostly, it's about women. Strong, wise, heartwarming women. Winner of the Van Leer award for Best Israeli Documentary Film - Jerusalem Interantional Film Festival, Israel, Director Michal Aviad dares to take "the cultural genie" out of the bottle.

Tel Aviv CinemaTheque hosts International LGBT Film Festival

TLVFest is an international LGBT Film Festival held each June at the Tel Aviv CinemaTheque. The festival offers public screenings of films with no Israeli distribution, meetings with local as well as foreign filmmakers, panel discussions and special events. The impressive program includes many exciting films while aspiring to enrich and empower tolerance and pluralism in Israeli society.… read more.


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