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9/12/17: WHAT HAPPENED is released in the day Hillary’s Auxiliary Turns Two :-)

What Happened” TODAY! I started the morning ~ 6 AM at the Hyatt on Union Square I left my room ~ 6:15 & then I dashed 2 blocks to the Barnes & Noble on 17th Street. It is now 5:25 & I am finally I am home again. It took ~ 8 hours to get thru the line, but I did it. I had a moment with Hillary & a moment with Human Abedin, so mission accomplished 🙂

 … read more.


Ruth Prawer Jhabvala story Heat & Dust newly re-released in 4G

In 1983, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s Booker-prize winning novel Heat and Dust was released in theatres for its first run, and in 1984, BAFTA rewarded her with a Best Adapted Screenplay award. But even many film buffs will not recognize her name.  Ruth Prawer Who???

Although she was the genius who wrote most of screenplays for their their award winning films, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala’s name has been submerged under the moniker “Merchant Ivory Productions.”read more.


AFI honors the incomparable Diane Keaton

Jan Here. Honestly, I turned on AFI’s tribute to the incomparable Diane Keaton last night as “filler” between the end of the PBS News Hour & the beginning of The Rachel Maddow Show, but I ended up watching the entire tribute.

I have always loved Diane Keaton in her dramatic roles as well as her comedic ones.… read more.


Jane Austen’s 200th Yahrzeit

Honoring Jane Austen’s 200th Yahrzeit

By FF2 Media Editor-in-Chief Jan Lisa Huttner

Jane Austen died exactly 200 years ago today. Really!

So I can’t keep from kvelling while remarking on how “bashert” this is (“meant to be”) given that today, July 18, 2017, falls midway between this year’s readings of Parsha Pinchas and Parsha Mattot/Mas’ei (the final two readings in the Torah’s Book of Numbers).… read more.


Great News! Peirce & Karaszewski elected to AMPAS Board of Governors!

More great news from AMPAS! Members newly elected 2017–18 Board of Governors include Kimberly Peirce (added to the Directors Branch) and FF2 Media FOJ Larry Karaszewski (added to the Writers Branch).

When AMPAS President Cheryl Boone Isaacs issued her diversity declaration in January 2016, I was frankly skeptical.… read more.


FF2 Media applauds diversity in new AMPAS Class of ’17

FF2 Media applauds AMPAS (The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) for inviting inviting 774 new members from 57 countries. The class of 2017 has an increased number of women and POC (People of Color) in its effort to boost diversity in each of its seven branches.

Of the 64 directors invited this year, 17 (roughly 27 percent) are women, a decrease from last year’s invitees (54 percent women).… read more.