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Lina Wertmuller’s ‘Seven Beauties’ and other female Oscar winners

Note: This is the second part of a six-part series on the five women who have been nominated for Best Director by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS)

The history of the five women nominated for Best Director Oscars begins with the 1975 film Seven Beauties, written and directed by Italian auteur Lina Wertmuller.read more.


Academy maintains ‘disturbing lack of recognition’ for female talent

In the 89-year-history of the Oscars, only five women have ever been nominated for Best Director, and. . . only one woman has ever won. While recent high-profile nominees like Sofia Coppola—or the one winner in the case of Kathryn Bigelow—have gained attention, not enough films by women have been elevated to smash that celluloid ceiling.read more.


“Spartacus Moments” Part III: What Happened?

Jeff Flake’s “Spartacus Moment” demanding that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford be heard was followed by a second attempt at wielding a Spartacus-worthy spine. Flake was the sole GOP to demand an FBI investigation. However, the call for utter justice was not emphatic enough. Lady Liberty has been suffocated. The US Senate has failed Ford, as well as Kavanaugh’s other accusers.read more.


“Spartacus Moments” Part II: Why do they Matter?

In the now routinely mind-numbing news cycle, Republican politicians and pundits have mocked the concept of a “Spartacus Moment.” Attempting to use this reference to denounce the ripple Senator Booker set off, they jabbed at the democratic actions in places like twitter and the news. Well, they were wrong to do so.read more.


“Spartacus Moments” Part I: What is a Spartacus Moment?

On the heels of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings, the powerhouse of media messages continue their divisive output of opinions, scrutiny and attitude towards sexual assault victims.

Singing in the Reign: A Tribute to Debbie Reynolds

The women that Debbie portrayed were strong, persistent and thought for themselves. Beautiful, bold and strong, Reynolds helped infuse tenacity into the silver screen in her multi-decade career.