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Rachel Tunnard talks release of award-winning ‘Adult Life Skills’

Three years later, with Tunnard already in post-production on her next film, international audiences have embraced Adult Life Skills, and it’s no wonder considering despite the sad plot of a woman on the edge of 30 dealing with life after the death of her twin brother, Tunnard create a warm, funny coming-of-age film.


‘All These Small Moments’ tells modern coming-of-age story

Winter in New York is a classic image, especially in cinema, as everything seems to slow down just for a little while. That idea’s been embraced in the storytelling of Melissa B. Miller Costanza’s low key coming-of-age dramedy All These Small Moments, the story of a teenager taking notice of the world around him, including […]


Roberta Grossman talks ‘Who Will Write Our History’

Who has the freedom, resources and opportunities to tell the stories of history? The stories of the Oyneg Shabes are some of the courageous individuals who wrote, documented and saved the written histories of the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto as “reporters from hell.” Based on the book by Samuel Kassow, Roberta Grossman’s captured the […]


Sally Rubin’s doc ‘Hillbilly’ urges different view of Appalachia

In their new film Hillbilly, Sally Rubin and Ashley York look at the people, region and stereotypes that created our image of the people of Appalachia.


Marilyn Ness focuses on making a difference in ‘Charm City’

Documentarian Marilyn Ness is arguably best known for her work as a producer for films such as Cameraperson, Trapped, 1971 and E-team. Many of her films have focused on how some of societies darkest times (trap abortion laws, government corruption, and international human rights violations) have also brought led to heroes willing to fight the good […]


‘That Way Madness Lies’ a devastating, necessary story of family and mental illness

Sandra Luckow has been a working documentarian for more than two decades. Although she’s occasionally included herself in her work, such as the feature Belly Talkers about ventriloquists (one of her other skills). But her new film That Way Madness Lies, is her most personal and painfully revealing film, documenting her brother’s descent due to […]