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Von Trotta pays tribute to cinematic mentor in ‘Searching for Ingmar Bergman’

In the intimate documentary Searching for Ingmar Bergman, von Trotta explores the brilliance of his cinema and understand the man.


‘Distant Constellation’ captures essence of disappearing community

Filmed over a six-year period, Shevaun Mizrahl’s debut film Distant Constellation required a slow and steady approach. The meditative film focuses on the final years of several seniors living in a Istanbul retirement home, all while the neighborhood they live in is being torn down and redeveloped.


‘On Her Shoulders’ captures the struggle after survival

Just a few weeks ago Nadia Murad made headlines when she became the first Iraqi to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for her work helping victims of genocide and human trafficking. Her advocacy comes from her own devastating experience as a victim of Yazidi genocide and being taken into slavery by members of ISIS for […]


Maryam Keshavarz’s ‘Viper Club’ vividly captures mother’s nightmare

Susan Sarandon stars as Helen, the mother of an adult son (Julian Morris) and journalist whose been kidnapped by a terrorist group. Forced by government to remain silent in the face of ransom demands, she turns to her son’s internet community of journalists for support.


‘What They Had’ tells a story of family with an undercurrent of feminism

It may not be past Halloween yet, but we probably already have the holiday family tearjerker of the year. In January of this year, writer-director Elizabeth Chomko (a playwright and actress) premiered her family drama What They Had to Sundance Film Festival audiences.


‘Private Life’ explores a couple’s mutual mid-life crisis in the face in infertility

Private Life focuses on the painful, sometimes absurd, experience of trying to have children later in life, starring Paul Giamatti and Kathryn Hahn as a couple hoping to become parents and Kayli Carter as their step-niece and potential egg donor.