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Women filmmakers a highlight at Siskel Center’s Black Harvest Film Festival

The Gene Siskel Film Center is hosting their 24th annual Black Harvest Film Festival (BHFF) which runs from August 4 through August 30. This festival shows shorts, features and documentaries from indie filmmakers about people of African descent, both nationally and internationally.


Nilja Mu‘min talks directing first feature film ‘Jinn’

Along with her mother, a teenage girl converts to Islam and is faced with many twists and turns about her self discovery. Mu’min talked to FF2 Media about how the film came about, the decision behind the title and advice to aspiring female filmmakers of color. The film is showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center during the Black Harvest Film Festival (which runs through August 30).


Siskel Center readies for 24th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s 24th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival will begin Saturday August 4 and run through Thursday August 30 in Chicago.


Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel’s films showcased at Siskel Center

Chicago’s Gene Siskel Film Center showcased the work of Argentinian director Lucrecia Martel from April 20 to May 1, screening her first three features in a film series, “The Salta Trilogy” (a nod to her Salta origins, a hilly northern province of Argentina).


‘The Judge’ director Erika Cohn documents first female judge in Palestinian court

Erika Cohn’s new documentary, The Judge, is about the first female judge of a Palestinian Shari’a court in the West Bank.


‘Murder in the Woods’ an all-Latino labor of love

“It’s an all-American movie.” The film was a labor of love and, as Iga puts it, it all started by writing the movie down on a napkin.