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Lesbian Theme in “Mädchen in Uniform” Boldly Feminist in 1931

Today is the 90th anniversary of Leontine Sagan’s Mädchen in Uniform! The revolutionary German film premiered in 1931, and remains one of the most strikingly feminist movies to this day. It follows a young girl sent to an all-girls boarding school who develops a romantic attachment to her teacher. It is based on a play by Christa Winsloe titled “Yesterday and Today.”read more.


Burlesque Performers Keep Strutting Through the Pandemic

FF2 Guest post by Megan Hennessey

When the pandemic first hit in 2020, many artists and performers had to rethink how they connected with their audiences. Burlesque was no different. Performers got creative. 

For readers who are new to burlesque, this art form (which dates back to the 17th century) often focuses on striptease performances that emphasize the “tease.”read more.


Sally Potter Maps Geographical Spaces and Historical Times

“You can’t really divorce women’s struggles in the world from women’s [struggles] in the cinema. As long as there’s hierarchy it means that women are somehow secondary or second class or less than. That’s going to be reflected in movies because films are the most powerful medium to reflect back society’s view of itself.”read more.


“Never Have I Ever” Felt So Seen by a Netflix TV Show

Guest Post by Reanne Rodrigues

When was the last time you watched a film or TV show about a South Asian girl who grapples with her Indian-American identity?

Such storylines might be hard to come by in mainstream television. That’s why when I first heard about Mindy Kaling’s coming-of-age comedy series Never Have I Ever on Netflix, I was intrigued.… read more.


Queen of Comedy Amy Poehler — No Limit to Her Potential

Often dubbed the modern-day queen of comedy (not to be confused with her best friend and frequent acting partner, Tina Fey, who you can read more about in this FF2 article by Katusha Jin), actress, writer, producer and director Amy Poehler celebrates her birthday today!

A Massachusetts native, Poehler graduated from Boston College before deciding to pursue comedy professionally in Chicago.… read more.


Indomitable Actress Melissa Leo Conquers Screens of Every Size

File:Melissa Leo.jpgFrom winning an Academy Award to a Golden Globe to an Emmy to a Critics’ Choice to a Screen Actors Guild Award (the list goes on!), Melissa Leo has made us laugh, cry and everything in between. Today, we wish this acting icon a very happy birthday!

Leo’s performance in the popular soap opera All My Children jump-started her career, earning her the aforementioned Emmy win, and leading to further appearances in television series as well as films.… read more.