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Falling off the Rails: Season Two of Crystal Moselle’s Spin-off ‘Betty’

Crystal Moselle Betty still
Betty, spin-off of Crystal Moselle’s Skate Kitchen, details the complexities of the inner lives and outer networks of women skaters in NYC.

Greek God Dionysus Returns as ‘Hurricane Diane’ to Confront Climate Change

Rami Margron in Hurricane Diane
With Huntington Theatre Company's Hurricane Diane, director Jenny Koons and her cast pack a punch in 90 minutes.

‘Never Have I Ever’ Felt So Seen by a Netflix TV Show

Mindy Kahling press Never Have I Ever
Before Never Have I Ever, when was the last time you watched a show about a South Asian girl who grapples with her Indian-American identity?

Guerrilla Girls Make Good Trouble in ‘The Art of Behaving Badly’

The Art of Behaving Badly Guerrilla Girls
Their new book, Guerrilla Girls: The Art of Behaving Badly (published in 2020), covers their pushback by showcasing their "artivism."

In ‘frank: sonnets,’ Diane Seuss’ New Poems are Both ‘Right Now’ and ‘Back Then’

Diane Seuss poet
n Diane Seuss's frank: sonnets, the durability of the sonnet form stakes its claim as it exposes that which has often been held sacred.

Charlotte Libov’s ‘I Wrote the Book’ is a Joyful Celebration

Charlotte Libov’s cabaret I Wrote the Book via Metropolitan Zoom was very enjoyable, thanks to a great set of songs, a unique viewing experience, and her own endearing charm. (NBA: 4/5)

Review by FF2 Associate Nicole Ackman

Charlotte Libov’s cabaret, I Wrote the Book opened with her singing “Heart” from Damn Yankees, and she certainly has it in more.