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19May31: The FF2 Week in Review by Jan Lisa Huttner

From Jan Lisa Huttner (Editor-in-Chief of FF2 Media)
Six films written &/or directed by women filmmakers opened in Manhattan theaters this week:

Always Be My Maybe
Free Trip to Egypt
Renegade Dreamers
The Spy Behind Home Plate
Too Late …


Tzivi’s Guide to the 2012 Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema

In 2006, a group of local film lovers decided to organize an annual program focused on Israeli cinema. Their timing was prescient. After decades of near invisibility, Israeli films were suddenly winning accolades at festivals all around the world, and last year, an Israeli film was a contender for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar […]


Tzivi’s September ’12 Spotlight

Filmmaker Paul Mazursky is one of those Jewish guys from Brooklyn who helped change American culture forever after World War II. I was a teenager when Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice was released in 1969, and I remember it well as a “water cooler event.” BCTA raked in four Oscar nominations (plus awards […]


Tzivi’s August ’12 Spotlight: Summer Movie Special

In March 2009, I received a screener from the coordinator of our annual Chicago Latino Film Festival for a new Argentinian feature called La Cámara Oscura. I was entranced by this film, and wrote very positive things about it in my April ’09 column. Soon after, I began receiving calls from all around the country, […]


Tzivi’s July ’12 Spotlight

July 4, 2011 was the 35th anniversary of Israel’s daring raid on Entebbe Airport so I expected some commemoration; to my dismay, the day came and went with barely a word from the American press. But filmmakers Ari Daniel Pinchot and Jonathan Gruber were way ahead of me. I’m not sure when they started work […]


Tzivi’s June ’12 Spotlight

Ah, Spring! Mild weather returns to Chicago and our lecture halls overflow with fascinating guest speakers. On May 6, I went to Spertus to hear Daniel Greene read from his 2011 book The Jewish Origins of Cultural Pluralism: The Menorah Association and American Diversity. Greene is the Vice President for Research and Academic Programs at […]