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Tzivi’s May ’12 Spotlight — on Freud!

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar…”

Seventy-two years after his death in London at age 83, Sigmund Freud, the quintessential Viennese Jew, is suddenly hot again. This column will focus on three recent films; a related column by JUF News editor Cindy Sher will discuss the new play Freud’s Last Session (currently on stage at the Mercury Theatre on Southport).… read more.


Tzivi’s Apr ’12 Spotlight

Nathan Englander came to the Harold Washington Library Center on February 27 to read from What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, his latest collection of short stories. As the translator of New American Haggadah, Englander is actually promoting two books right now, and although they are outwardly very different, common threads soon became evident.… read more.


Tzivi’s Spotlight: Celebrating Women’s History Month 2012

On Sunday Mar. 11, Spertus Institute will host the Chicago premiere of Women Unchained, a new “Get-o-nomics 101” documentary by Skokie filmmaker Beverly Siegel.

When the husband of a married woman refuses to grant her a Jewish divorce (called a “Get” in Hebrew), she is referred to as “agunah” (“anchored/chained”). Sometimes this emotional abuse is a continuation of assaults and betrayals documented during the marriage; other times it is financial extortion.… read more.


Tzivi’s Feb ’12 Spotlight

The University of Chicago’s Smart Gallery opens a new multimedia exhibit called Feast: Radical Hospitality in Contemporary Art down in Hyde Park on Weds, Feb 15, and several Jewish artists will be participating, including photographer Laura Letinsky, “New Realism” founder Daniel Spoerri, and conceptual artist Michael Rakowitz.… read more.


Tzivi’s Jan ’12 Spotlight

When you lit your first candle on December 20, how much thought did you give to your menorah? Maybe it’s a family heirloom, or maybe you recently purchased it online, but have you ever asked yourself what your menorah says about you, your values, and your personal style?

Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) is currently featuring a new exhibition called The Hanukkah Lamp: Modernist Style and the Jewish Experience based on the extensive Aaron Ha’Tell more.


Tzivi’s Dec ’11 Spotlight

Award-winning director Agnieszka Holland, best-known internationally for her Oscar-nominated film Europa Europa, was in Chicago last month to show her new film In Darkness on the Opening Night of this year’s PFFA (Polish Film Festival in America).

Poland’s candidate for the 2012 “Best Foreign Language Film” Oscar, In Darkness is a harrowing, fact-based account of Jews from the Lvov ghetto hiding underground for over a year with assistance from sewer-worker Leopold Socha and his wife more.