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Spend 2022 with Saimaiyu Akesuk’s Whimsical Arctic Animals

FF2 Guest Post by Allison Green

This holiday season, we’re excited to introduce Pomegranate, a publishing and printing company that offers its customers “art you can bring home.” In celebration of Pomegranate’s commitment to inclusivity, we’re excited to spotlight some of the brilliant women artists in their catalogue!read more.


Crafting Femininity at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design

Cowan's Dance of the Pacific Coast Highway at Sunset at Craft Front and Center
Craft Front and Center is about a love of material and its expressive potential, and not a room full of “women’s work.”

Yayoi Kusama Sculptures Inspire More Than Joy at ‘Cosmic Nature’

Yayoi Kusama Cosmic Nature piece
The takeaway from Yayoi Kusama's Cosmic Nature is as uplifting as the buoyant polka dots and primary colors promise.