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Amanda Gorman’s Incredible Career in Poetry and Politics

On the one year anniversary of the publication of Call Us What We Carry, we’re celebrating author, poet, and activist Amanda Gorman!

Amanda Gorman’s work centers around themes of feminism, race, oppression, and marginalization. She is best known for reading her poem entitled “The Hill We Climb” at Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021, after which her notoriety more.


National Poetry Month: How Amanda Gorman’s ‘The Hill We Climb’ Proves Poetry’s Power

As evidenced by Amanda Gorman’s recently published book of “The Hill We Climb” topping number 1 on USA TODAY’s bestseller list, we have not forgotten her moving performance at the Biden-Harris Inauguration. 

In fact, we have had repeat chills reading her social media posts that honor Black lives, the fight for justice, and the power of poetry. read more.


Patriarchal Poetry Slam: Amanda Gorman’s Poems Surpass Criticism

FF2 Guest Post by Mary Novaria

Historically, people watch the Super Bowl for one of two reasons. They are football fans, or they want to see the ads. Sometimes both. This year, we had a fresh and compelling motivation to tune in when Amanda Gorman became the NFL Championship’s first-ever poet.

Talk about winning the Super Bowl!… read more.