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Giorgi’s Athena Film Festival 2020 – An Exhausting, Amazing Celebration!

FF2 Media always spends a long weekend of February at the Athena Film Festival, checking out the best of what the feminist film scene has to offer and spreading the word about our international initiative Swan Day! One of the things I appreciate most about the Athena Film Festival is their choice of location–while the festival happens at Columbia because one of the founders taught at Barnard, I’m still always grateful to this coincidence whenever I get to spend a weekend pretending to be a Gossip Girl character up in that patrician part of more.


Roza’s Athena ’18: “I had never felt prouder to be a woman…”

From the moment I walked onto Barnard’s campus, I knew that The Athena Film Festival wasn’t your average film festival. This was a coming together of some of the best recently released films that women had to offer to the community. I had never felt prouder to be a woman. 

Kathy’s Athena ’18: “Every high felt higher …”

This weekend marked my first time at the Athena Film Festival, but definitely not my last. I saw a myriad of amazing female-oriented films and have never felt so inspired by the amazing women in front of and behind the camera.