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Annie Baker’s Language of Silence in Film Debut ‘Janet Planet’

Film still from JANET PLANET (2023), directed by Annie Baker and starring Julianne Nicholson and Zoe Ziegler.

Annie Baker is a writer of silences. 

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, recently turned screenwriter and director, has become associated with choreographed moments of quiet. She instructs on how to map her ‘pauses’ and ‘silences’ down to the second. She delineates the difference between a happy pause in which [characters] realize they’ve broken the tension, and then an awkward pause following that happy pause,” using silence the way other writers do more.


How Annie Baker’s Stage Success Shaped ‘Janet Planet’

Annie Baker attends the 58th Annual Village Voice Obie Awards in New York City.

Janet Planet is a quietly gorgeous coming-of-age film, written and directed by Annie Baker. Janet Planet is Annie’s feature film debut, but she has formerly been known as a brilliant playwright (with a Pulitzer Prize win under her belt, no less). To celebrate the release of Janet Planet, we are taking a look back at Annie’s playwriting career, which served as a foundation for such a wonderful first film. read more.


Agnieszka Holland’s Controversial No-Man’s-Land: Green Border

A young girl stands behind a barbed wire fence in Green Border.

You needn’t have a sophisticated grasp of the complex geopolitics of Eastern Europe, the EU, or NATO to experience the powerful impact of Polish director Agnieszka Holland’s controversial 2023 film, Green Border. And, while a crash course in the hostilities between neighboring Poland and Belarus and their respective alliances with Ukraine and Russia would perhaps provide further context, it isn’t essential; moreover, it won’t prepare you for the fundamentally, starkly human tenor of Green Border’s more.


We Remember the Talent of Artemisia Gentileschi

Photo of painting by Artemisia Gentileschi, Self Portrait as a Lute Player (c. 1615-17). Located at the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT

Happy birthday, Artemisia Gentileschi! Today, we are proud to celebrate the applauded Italian Renaissance painter on this, what would be her 431st birthday. Artemisia’s achievements are legendary: on the Museum of Art’s website, she is referred to as “the most famous woman painter of the seventeenth century.”read more.


Spandita Malik Stitches Together Community

This photo of Spandita Malik’s work was taken by Debra Thimmesch of FF2 Media while visiting the Kemper Museum.

Visual artist Spandita Malik is known for her signature combination of photography, printing, and embroidery. Spandita’s work represents not only her own talent, but the talents of countless women. Today, on the first anniversary of the opening of her exhibit Jāḷī—Meshes of Resistance, FF2 celebrates Spandita and her more.


Façades and Filmmaking in ‘Family Portrait’ from Lucy Kerr

Deragh Campbell as Katy in Family Portrait, directed by Lucy Kerr.

It is hard to believe the first ten minutes of the drama film Family Portrait are choreographed. A seemingly endless litany of characters flit on and offscreen as they parade to the lake in casual chaos – running around, hanging back for a partner, or picking up the dog. Katy, our anchor amid the confusion, pushes everyone forward as the ominous sound of a train builds in the more.