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Revisiting the Legacy of Flannery O’Connor

On this day in 2019, Flannery was released in theaters. The first documentary to detail the life of renowned writer Flannery O’Connor, this is a creatively-produced, sensitively-crafted, and all around beautiful film directed by Elizabeth Coffman.

Elizabeth Coffman is a documentary film director, writer, and producer whose work often centers around communities in crisis.… read more.


BPL’s 2021 LitFilm Festival Brings Writers’ Lives to Film

N. Scott Momaday and Jill Momaday at LitFilm
The Brooklyn Public Library’s 2021 LitFilm kicked off with a screening and Q&A from director Lynn Novick and producer Sarah Botstein. 

BPL’s 2021 Virtual ‘LitFilm Series’ Showcases Women Writers

Starting Monday, September 20 and running through Saturday, September 26, the Brooklyn Public Library will be hosting LitFilm: A BPL Film Festival About Writers.

Elizabeth Coffman on bringing Flannery O’Connor to a new audience

"The number one goal of our film I think has been accomplished, which was to talk about her, and to get people to read her work more, and get her more in the national discussion."

Friends, enemies, and Angels in New Flannery O’Connor Documentary

O'Connor's own experience as a student had not been so different from mine: while grad school required me to move, alone, between my room and the library for most of the day, O’Connor chose to live her life like this.