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Transforming Metal in Julia Ducournau’s ‘Titane’

FF2 Guest Post by Hannah Lamb-Vines

Titane is a slasher flick, featuring no less than six murders in the first half-hour of the film. Watching it wasn’t exactly a pleasurable experience for me. I frequently cringed and forced myself not to look away. Titane is like driving too fast in traffic: thrilling, but nauseating.… read more.


Kamala Puligandla’s ‘You Can Vibe Me on My FemmePhone’ Is Sci-Fi that Sparkles

Kamala Puligandla’s novella You Can Vibe Me on My FemmePhone cover in the grass.
Kamala Puligandla’s novella You Can Vibe Me on My FemmePhone is a science fiction story that fills me with hope rather than fear or despair.

Falling in Love in the Apocalypse with Rachelle Toarmino’s ‘That Ex’

FF2 Guest post by Hannah Lamb-Vines

The news cycle spins like a washing machine in the final stages of a heavy-duty wash. It’s been speeding up for decades, while we watch from the other side of the thick glass door, helpless, hoping our clothes come out clean but doubting they will. The apocalypse has arrived, probably, in the form of climate crisis fueled by unimaginable wealth disparity, or in the daily heartbreaks that we don’t want to believe keep happening: school shootings, protestors arrested for defending their ancestral land from developers, threats to Roe v.… read more.