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Sally Potter Maps Geographical Spaces and Historical Times

“You can’t really divorce women’s struggles in the world from women’s [struggles] in the cinema. As long as there’s hierarchy it means that women are somehow secondary or second class or less than. That’s going to be reflected in movies because films are the most powerful medium to reflect back society’s view of itself.”read more.


Amma Asante Fearlessly Shines Bright Light on Hidden History

“When I look in the mirror I see the woman I knew I wanted to be as a child. When I was a young girl, I had a vision of the woman I wanted to be. And I often reached out to women of color in America for inspiration. My mother would regularly buy Essence and Ebony. I would look at those magazines filled with images of professional, intelligent women of color who knew who they were, who enjoyed who they were, and who were surrounded by other people who enjoyed who they were.… read more.


Director Bethany Ashton Wolf’s long road to ‘Forever My Girl’

Her first studio film, Roadside’s Forever My Girl, is receiving a far larger distribution and is dramatically different in tone and structure from Little Chenier.

Robinson & Howell talk ‘Claire in Motion’

The second feature film collaboration between the directing team of Lisa Robinson and Annie J. Howell Claire in Motion is a mash-up of styles. Structured around a mystery, the disappearance of Claire’s husband in the woods, the film is ultimately a meditative examination of her own identity. Forced to confront how her sense of self has been shaped by her identity as his wife and shocked to learn of her husband’s upsetting secrets, Claire forms a surprising relationship with one of the people that claims to know more.



By Senior Contributor Lesley Coffin

One of the best-reviewed indie films of 2016, The Love Witch, marks a breakthrough for filmmaker Anna Biller. Besides receiving credit as both writer and director, Biller also produced, edited, designed costumes and sets, and composed music for the film. It results in a finely crafted, beautifully layered feature film which demonstrates her design and cinematic more.


FYC ’17: Lesley Coffin

FF2 Senior Contributor Lesley Coffin asks you to consider these six films by women writers &/or directors (from the full list of films released in NYC theatres in 2016). Note that this list was created in November & will be updated after December 31, 2016.

My Favorite Feature Films of 2016 (2)

My Favorite Documentary Films of 2016 (2)

My Favorite Foreign Language Films of 2016 (2)

Photo: Kate Winslet in The Dressmaker

Photo Credit: Screen Australia… read more.