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Best Performance: Is It Time For Gender Neutral Acting Awards?

First of a Series for FF2 Media by Giorgi Plys-Garzotto

As many of you probably saw, the Golden Globe nominations were announced on Monday. You know what that means—time for this year’s gauntlet of award shows! And when I say “gauntlet,” I mean it in the medieval sense.

For those of you who don’t know, a gauntlet was the glove part of a knight’s armor, and there was a torture practiced in those days that involved the victim having to walk between two lines of knights, all of whom were repeatedly hitting the victim with their more.



HashtagMOGLast year, when Selma was nominated for Best Picture & Best Song but nothing else, 2 hashtag campaigns were born.

One was ‪#‎OscarSoWhite‬ (protesting the fact that David Oyelowo was not nominated for Best Actor & all of the acting nominees in all 4 categories were white).

One was ‪#‎StopBlueOscar‬ (protesting the fact that Ava DuVernay was not nominated for Best Director & all of the Best Director nominees & all of the Best Screenplay nominees–in both the Best Original Screenplay & the Best Adapted Screenplay categories–were male).… read more.