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Ann Veronica Janssens’ Emulation of Biological Structural Color

Ann Veronica Janssens, a Belgian artist born in the UK, has been experimenting with installations of light and sound since the 1970s. Science and minimalism collide in immersive installations influenced by her early exposure to architecture. Using materials both tangible and intangible, Ann Veronica composes with light, transparency, and more.


Keeping the Legend of X-Rated ‘Midnight Cowboy’ Alive

Many films considered “classics” still hold a place in the annals of film, but Midnight Cowboy stands alone. A humble film with a down and dirty plot, Midnight Cowboy secures its staying power through nuance and subtext.

The only X-rated film to ever win an Academy Award (three, in fact), Midnight Cowboy shocked audiences with far from glamorous sexual scenes, yet it appeared at a time when film-goers were in need of a shock to the system.… read more.


On Claire Dederer’s ‘Monsters: A Fan’s Dilemma’ and Woody Allen

Arriving at a screening of Annie Hall on May 31st, I felt more like I was walking into a porno theater than the venerated Film Forum. I could feel my sweating begin as I tried to nonchalantly hand the usher my ticket and hurry to the sweet anonymity of the darkened theater, where no one could see my face and report my illicit behavior back to the other Barnard more.