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Meg LeFauve’s ‘Inside Out’: A Perfect Quarantine Film

As part of our Sister Series, FF2 Media Vice President Brigid Presecky and Engagement Manager Georgi Presecky discuss their favorite films by female filmmakers. Be sure to click on the film titles for full reviews. Brigid INSIDE OUT was released in 2015 by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Pictures.  Georgi Yeah, the film is written […]


2016 Oscar Noms (JEP)

Contributing Editor Jessica Perry’s Take on the 2016 Oscar Nominations 🙂 This year at FF2 Media, we reviewed many of the films up for selection for the coveted 2016 Oscar nominations. Now that the nominations are in, and the uproar has begun over the lack of diversity amongst this year’s nominees, we must question the Academy’s […]