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Lisa Cholodenko: Queer Representation and Beyond

Laurel Canyon, released 21 years ago today, is a drama about love, family, and pop music, written and directed by the one and only Lisa Cholodenko. 

Writer/Director Lisa Cholodenko is best known for her 2010 film The Kids Are Alright, about life in a queer family as the kids get ready to leave the nest.

Lisa’s debut feature film was High Art (1998), about a young 24-year-old, Syd, who develops a relationship—professional and otherwise—with her upstairs neighbor, Lucy, when they begin working together at a well-known photography more.


Jenny Eagan: Costume Design Adds Character in ‘Olive Kitteridge’

Olive Kitteredge still with Frances McDormand
The anniversary of the award-winning television show Olive Kitteredge is the perfect time to celebrate costume designer Jenny Eagan.

Cholodenko directs and writes about complex families from female perspectives

Lisa Cholodenko is a director and screenwriter based in Los Angeles, who has won numerous awards. Since her debut feature High Art, she has worked on a number of television series and movies including The L Word, Olive Kitteridge, Laurel Canyon, and The Kids Are All Right.