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‘The Janes’: Inspiring Documentary about Pre-Roe/ProRoe Activism

Directors Tia Lessin and Emma Pildes mix archival footage from the 1960’s with modern-day interviews in The Janes, thereby creating an illuminating and extremely topical documentary. The Jane Collective was a group of Chicago women who provided care to thousands of women in the years immediately prior to the Roe versus Wade decision of 1972.… read more.


Civia Tamarkin’s ‘Birthright’ Fights for Women’s Rights

The reaction from a title like Birthright: A War Story is undeniably intentional in Civia Tamarkin’s new documentary. The war against women’s rights because of reproductive laws passed in recent years are having a horrific and alarming impact on the rights of women; both infringing on what was outlined when Roe more.