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The Historical Connection Between Jane Addams & Kristin Lems

Today is Jane Addams Day in Illinois! In celebration, we’re taking look at the career of the fabulous musician, Kristin Lems, whose life and work is inextricably linked with Jane’s. 

Kristin Lems is a singer-songwriter, feminist, author,  and educator. Born in Evanston (Illinois), Kristin studied music from a young age, performing in choruses and more.


With ‘Saint Jane and the Wicked Wicks,’ Kristin Lems Wants People to Know the Jane Addams Her Family Knew

Saint Jane and the Wicked Wicks poster
Kristen Lem's Saint Jane and the Wicked Wicks is a musical play interweaving the life stories of Jane Addams and Nellie Wicks.