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Kiku Hughes’s Graphic Novels Expand Historical Understanding

Today is the third anniversary of the release of Displacement, a graphic novel exploring the ramifications of Japanese-American incarceration camps from the perspective of a young girl. It is an important narrative with a charming protagonist and beautiful graphics, created by Kiku Hughes.

Kiku Hughes is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Seattle, whose work often features sci-fi themes and queer and Asian-American characters and more.


Examining Existence in the Emptiness of Space with Philosophical Sci-Fi ‘Aniara’

As we enter the summer months, it’s not unusual to find science-fiction films hitting theaters. From the light and fun to the more serious, they can often have the epic scope you expect to find in blockbusters. But it’s rare to find a science fiction film hit theaters as bleak and philosophically expansive as the new film Aniara.… read more.