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Behind the mask and mirror: an interview with Deborah Kampmeier, director of SPLit

Lindsy Bissonnette (FF2 Media): Deborah, where did the idea for your new film SPLit come from?

Kampmeier: It was about 25 years ago, I took a workshop called “Voices of the Earth,” which was based on the ancient Sumarian myth “The Descent of Inanna.” In the workshop we were creating a space that was a… supportive environment where we could reclaim and celebrate the parts of self that aren’t acceptable in patriarchal culture: pain, grief, sexuality, agony….… read more.


I’m Not Here To Make You Comfortable… so stay or SPLit

Report from NYC’s 2017 Socially Relevant Film Festival by Lindsy Bissonnette

Mesmerizing and moving, SPLit — the Closing Film in the 2017 SRFF — is an experience unlike any other. And not for the reasons you would think. Writer/director Deborah Kampmeier completely changes the game with this film combining aspects of theatre and film, and creates an atmosphere of unease, tension, and personal revelation.… read more.