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Celebrating Multi-Hyphenate Creator Illeana Douglas

Happy birthday, Illeana Douglas! Today is just the day to celebrate this fabulous actor and filmmaker. 

Raised in New England, Illeana grew up visiting relatives in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York; her grandparents in particular no doubt inspired her career in the arts. Illeana’s grandmother, a former Rockette, took Illeana to the movies frequently throughout her childhood, instilling in her a love for film from a young age. read more.


Revisiting the Legacy of Flannery O’Connor

On this day in 2019, Flannery was released in theaters. The first documentary to detail the life of renowned writer Flannery O’Connor, this is a creatively-produced, sensitively-crafted, and all around beautiful film directed by Elizabeth Coffman.

Elizabeth Coffman is a documentary film director, writer, and producer whose work often centers around communities in crisis.… read more.


Jennifer Kent Masters Horror in Multiple Genres

Eight years ago today, The Babadook was released in theaters, making it the perfect day to celebrate the brilliant Jennifer Kent! 

Jennifer Kent is an Australian director, best known for The Babadook, which was actually her first feature film. The Babadook is a horror film about a single mother who must confront a disturbing intruder, manifested by her son’s fear of a monster in their more.


Faith Ringgold’s Work Weaves Activism with Artistry

Happy birthday, Faith Ringgold! Today we are celebrating this multimedia artists’ activism. 

Faith Ringgold practices many mediums of art including painting, sculptures, performance art and even children’s books. She is perhaps best known for her quilts, which bring racial justice and gender equality into their vibrant and intricate more.


Novelist Annie Ernaux wins the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature

Today we celebrate Annie Ernaux, who has just won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature. Congratulations Annie! 

Annie Ernaux is a French author who writes fiction and memoir, and sometimes a little of both at once. She is known for her autobiographical writing, which is intimate and personal while expertly contextualizing her life within a broader history and society; her written experiences are not just hers, but a part of a larger collective social more.


Cat Power never strays from what makes her an incredible musician

On the anniversary of the release of her album Wanderer, we’re celebrating Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall, a singer-songwriter, musician, and model best known by her stage name, Cat Power. 

Cat Power was originally the name of Chan’s first band, but she later took on the name as a solo artist. She is known for her unique sound, which is a mixture of blues, punk, folk, and some influences from hymns and gospel music. read more.