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Director Kitty Green breaks down moral complexities of ‘The Assistant’

The Assistant, written and directed by Kitty Green, portrays Jane (Julia Garner) as a young assistant to a powerful entertainment executive who witnesses the abuse from within the company.  This introspective and personal story allows us to walk in her shoes as Jane attempts to wrestle with her stressful job filled with moral and ethical more.


Sundance 2020: ‘The Assistant,’ ‘Save Yourselves!’ top Best of the Fest

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival has wrapped, announced its winners, and has once again, stayed ahead of the industry curve by getting close to, achieving, and/or surpassing gender parity in filmmaking.  Statistics for this year show that 42 percent of the feature films are from women (directors and/or writers), 48 percent are features in competition, 51 percent are short films, 56 percent are more.