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Alice Wu Has No Patience with the ‘Perpetual Foreigner Syndrome’

As the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival kicks off this week, we remember the TIFF premiere of Alice Wu’s Saving Face on this day, 17 years ago! The romantic comedy follows Wil (Michelle Krusiec), a lesbian in a budding relationship with an openly gay dancer, Vivian (Lynn Chen). Simultaneously, her widowed mother, Hwei-lan (Joan Chen), finds herself pregnant out of more.


Alice Wu’s ‘The Half of It’ a Refreshing, Diverse Story on and off Screen

The Half Of It (which made its Netflix debut on May 1) currently holds a high rating of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, but did you know that it is a story of an Asian American lesbian teenager and it is both directed and written by an Asian American woman?

A statistic from Annenberg Inclusion Initiative back in 2017 showed that among the top 100 grossing films across 10 years, only 34 were directed by Asians, and of those, only three were directed by Asian more.