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Olivia Sterling Depicts Modern Racial Issues in Bright Colors

On the anniversary of the opening day of Olivia Sterling’s exhibition Yowl, we’re celebrating this important artist! 

Olivia is a British artist known for her hard-hitting messages delivered in a colorful, picture-book style. As a Black woman, she uses her art to address issues of race in the UK. Another signature element of her style is something you might not see right away; little letters ‘B’ and ‘W’, to symbolize the labeling and compartmentalizing of people of different skin tones that she observes. read more.


Richard Attenborough Tribute: Brighton Rock

Jarrod Emerson’s tribute to Richard Attenborough:


What do you get when the crime classic, Brighton Rock, (by acclaimed novelist Graham Greene) falls into the hands of pioneering British filmmaker John Boulting? Only an incredible film noir of British cinema, whose influence I can now see in many modern British gangster flicks (The Long Good Friday and Sexy Beast come to mind).read more.