Two French sisters explore their options while their Tunisian-born mother frets. Mathilde (Zylberstein) devotes herself to husband & children, while Laura (Valette) studies philosophy & avoids “appropriate” suitors. Insightful look at Sephardic life in multicultural Paris, with Clement especially fine as the woman who runs the Mikva (Jewish ritual bath).  Read FF2 Haiku  Click HERE…


Beautifully understated story about culture clash showcasing Collette as a workaholic Australian geologist forced to play tour guide for a visiting Japanese investor. Shot primarily in the vast Australian outback, the cinematography’s hypnotic. The subtle score reaches a poignant intensity as Collette watches her new friend board his flight home.


Director Taymor (famous for Broadway’s LION KING) has a fabulous eye. Her life partner, composer Elliot Goldenthal, has a fabulous ear. Together, they’ve created an aesthetic masterpiece celebrating the artistic triumphs of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo & her husband, muralist Diego Rivera. Unfortunately, the brilliant spectacle sometimes overwhelms the actors.


Given that Suzanne Bier’s last film BROTHERS (also written by Anders Thomas Jensen) made our ’05 TWOZIES list, our expectations were high. WEDDING struck us both as a bit too overstuffed & melodramatic, but the terrific acting won us over. Keep your eyes on “Jørgen” (Lassgård); this is really his story, not Mikkelsen’s. More on…