AAUW President Applauds “Jane Addams Day”

AAUW’s national President, Ruth Sweetser, personally delivered a letter thanking AAUW-Illinois’ “Jane Addams Day” committee for all the work done to promote this precident-setting state day.  Furthermore, the AAUW website dedicated a page to our “Jane Addams Day” activities, noting:

“AAUW of Illinois hopes this program will serve as a model for other states to celebrate important local women who were also AAUW members. Programs like these help write women back into history while connecting to women’s equity issues of today.”

A huge THANK YOU to our sisters in DC & all around America!!! 

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  1. Avatar

    I am very willing to help your organization with any activities involving the teaching of Jane Addams. I have quite a presence in Rockford Illinois with The Jane Addams Day Parade. Please look at my website, http://www.TheAddamsFamily.org

    Please let me know if you would like to participate with the parade, the forthcoming memorial, or if I can give you a hand with something !

    All the best,
    Jon P. Agustsson

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