4th Annual WITASWAN Program in Chgo

Reservation Form for SATURDAY (3/29/08) Reservation Form for SUNDAY (3/30/08)      Under the banner of WITASWAN, six Illinois-based women’s organizations are co-sponsoring two screenings of Israeli Director Adi Refaeli’s award-winning film EMPATHY during Women’s History Month.    The first screening is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, March 29th in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.  The second screening…

DGA Noms Announced

       The Directors Guild of America just announced its nominees for 2008 & surprise, surprise, women directors are completely shut out yet again 🙁        So who’s missing?  Here are the names I would add if I ruled the world: Kasi Lemmons: TALK TO ME Mira Nair: THE NAMESAKE Julie Taymor: ACROSS THE…


She (Allen) is wealthy, successful, & married. He (Abkarian) is a refugee with limited economic or social resources. Magnetic energy pulls them together until mundane realities force them apart. Can they find their way back from “No” to “Yes”? Poetic and beautifully filmed, with a wonderful soundtrack & mesmerizing acting. More on YES.


Love her or hate her, it’s time to acknowledge Barbra Streisand’s YENTL as a triumph of personal film-making. Why doesn’t Mandy Patinkin sing? Because all the songs are soliloquies – a passionate inner voice yearning for self-expression. Message to Barbra: The Academy gave even less to Hitchcock’s VERTIGO, but history speaks. More on YENTL.


After 12 years in prison, a sex offender faces the challenge of rebuilding his life under the harsh scrutiny of family members, co-workers, & policemen. Bacon does an extraordinary job (wounded, sad, & afraid of his own shadow), while Kassel’s camera disturbingly captures how vulnerable children are to adult predators. More on THE WOODSMAN.


A woman (Thompson) who has devoted her entire life to scholarship & academic excellence finds she has become “the text” rather than the teacher when she agrees to participate in an aggressive chemotherapy research protocol. A gripping & compelling tour of the healthcare system from the patient’s point of view. More on WIT.


Four matriarchs (African-American, Jewish, Latina, & Vietnamese) roll up their sleeves to prepare Thanksgiving dinners for their separate clans. Your mouth waters as you mentally savor the multiple ethnic juices. Then the guests assemble & the psychodramas begin. All of the actresses are excellent & each ensemble rings true. More on WHAT’S COOKING?.