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.Photo Credit: Melinda Sue Gordon © 2008. The Weinstein Company.

As a Jewish Feminist, I am absolutely outraged by this film.  Since THPP is a Feminist Blog, let me just direct your attention to this still (above).  Here we have “Hanna” (Kate Winslet) & “Michael” (David Kross) in Hanna’s kitchen.  Notice how the filmmakers have used perspective to make Michael larger (& therefore more “masculine”) & Hanna smaller (& therefore more “feminine”).  They do this all the way thru, especially when Michael & Hanna are naked, having sex, & otherwise intimate.  But Michael is supposed to be a FIFTEEN year old boy, & Hanna is supposed to be a THIRTY-SIX year old woman!!!  Show me the boy of 15 with Kross’s complexion & physique!!!  Once they’ve lured you into the quagmire of this “romance,” it’s no wonder so many of you are acquiescing to all the moral outrages yet to come. Shame on you, Stephen Daldry!  Shame on you, Weinstein Company!  And shame on all those critics who’ve put THE READER on their “Best of ‘08” movie lists!!!

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  1. Avatar
    • Sybil
    • February 12, 2009

    I, too, was insulted by this film, but for different reasons, aside from finding the entire store utterly unbelievable. Hannah was a german clod (I won’t capilize german) who didn’t mind wiping vomit off of the shoes of a stranger. Statutory rape, on her behalf, wouldn’t apply here because they would find her mentally inadequate to stand trial. It’s a pity David never matured into a man himself, though this would have to do with early parenting. I guess sOme prefer in life to vegetate and pine. But, however, if you can find the acts of the german nazis to have been benign, then this is the film for you. The perpetrators received 2 years in jail for their war crimes, even as we watched them perpetuating their nasty evil deeds in full focus in the courtroom. The spoken words of the repentent characters in the film, such as the university professor, rang false. He bore a fashionable intellectual interest of what went before. And yes, the Jewess was portrayed in a miserable light and Hannah sympathetically, though that is beyond me since she epitomizes the german frau. This movie is a phony. It neither raises true questions, nor answers them.

  2. Avatar
    • jan
    • February 12, 2009

    Thanks much for your comments, Sybil. It’s a relief to know that I’m not the only person deeply offended by this film. I still can’t believe the FIVE Oscar nominations, nor the fact that it’s being marketed (presumably to women) as “a love story”!!! The cynicism of this pitch astonds me: if they showed Kate Winslett in bed with a real 15 year old boy, then every woman I know would run shrieking from the theatre!!!

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