Johnson Lands in Shanghai

     Every year, we use our Founder’s Club passes to see somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 films during the 2 week span of our annual Chicago International Film Festival.  Sure it sounds like a lot, but that’s maybe 1/3 of what’s on the schedule!  So?  Some good, some bad, & some OK, but what we live for are the rare surprises: wonderful films that seem to come out of nowhere & totally knock our socks off.  Tuesday’s treat was MADE IN CHINA—the delightful tale of a young inventor from Texas who flies to China to find a manufacturer for his new novelty product. Script by Judi Krant & Dan Sumpter (who also plays the key supporting role) is hilarious, Krant’s direction (mixing live action with whimsical animation) is strong & sure-footed, & lead actor Jackson Kuehn is adorable.  Keep your eyes open for MADE IN CHINA: let’s all see this film & generate buzz so that MADE IN CHINA can get the theatrical release it deserves J 


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    Howdy Hot Pink Pen

    Thank you so much! This film has been a labor of love for all involved and it means so much to us that folks enjoy the storytelling.
    A little indie like ours definitely needs all the help it can get, so we really appreciate you spreading the word about Made in China!

    You rock for supporting (women in) Independent Film! Yeah!

    Xie Xie,

    Judi Krant

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