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One picture, one thousand words.

If you find you have mixed feelings about last night’s big barrier buster (a woman won the Best Director Oscar for a film that has almost no women in it, a woman won the Best Director Oscar but didn’t thank any of the women who came before her, whatever) then I beg you to look beyond Kathryn Bigelow’s Best Director win & see the big picture: women empowered by Bigelow’s nomination voted with their hearts, in clear defiance of all the handicappers!  Wow!!!

As I predicted, the two most vulnerable categories were Best Adapted Screenplay & Best Original Screenplay.  The minute Mark Boal won BOS for THE HURT LOCKER (trouncing Quentin Tarantino), I was on my feet screaming, & when Geoffrey Fletcher won for PRECIOUS (trouncing Jason Reitman), I went into orbit.

The media’s “Battle of the Exes” blather endlessly repeated that Kathryn Bigelow & James Cameron both had 9 noms each, but as I kept telling you, KB had 4 “major noms,” whereas JC mostly had teckie noms.  In the end, she left with 6 Oscars (3 majors) & he left with 3 Oscars (all teckie).  Furthermore, in every case where they went head-to-head (except for cinematography), she won.

This year had more upsets than any prior year I can remember, & I submit these upsets were all due to the power of female AMPAS voters!!!  So here’s a big shout-out to the women voters of AMPAS: You Did It!!! 

Friends,THIS is how change happens J

Photo credit: ZumawireWestPhotos/Newscom

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    Most feedback is flowing thru Facebook today, so let me add this in response to a new message from my friend LS:

    As for surprises, the most wonderful surprise was how strong KB’s coattails were (totally negating Cameron’s suggestion that people would only vote for KB for Best Director because voting for a woman would be irresistible now that the “only 4 noms in 82 years” stats were so public).

    And of course I was “tickled pink” (HaHaHa) by the repudiation of the Tarantino & Reitman screenplays because I thought INGLORIOUS BASTERDS & UP IN THE AIR were both highly flawed & way over-hyped.

    • jan
    • March 8, 2010

    To the friend who just said: “I haven’t seen INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. Futhermore, I don’t like Tarantino & I don’t know why Hollywood fawns on him.”

    Here’s my answer: That’s exactly what I think last night demonstrated! It’s not that “Hollywood fawns over him,” it’s that GUYS fawn over him. When women consititute a full 1/3rd of the voting pool, suddenly he’s no longer a shoe-in!!!

    • jan
    • March 9, 2010

    This from a guy I know in India:

    Hi Jan
    Soooo…finally it has happened. And I’m sure that Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar wouldn’t have happened but for your untiring SLUMDOG campaign… It definitely has worked somewhere on some people’s conscience. Cheers!

    • jan
    • March 10, 2010

    And this from a guy I know in Australia:

    Dear Jan,

    My daughter (age 15) was very excited that Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar. She feels more optimistic. I actually saw THE HURT LOCKER film many months ago. Bigelow deserved the award; she can’t be knocked as a token or a gesture.

    • jan
    • March 10, 2010

    And this from a woman I know @ National Public Radio:


    I know you must be head over heels!! I was too!

    Thanks for recommending “The Hurt Locker” so long ago. I went to see it early and I’m glad I did.

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