SWAN-Filled Vacation!

I’m back from my terrific vacation & guess what: way far away on the remote Shetland Islands (midway between Scotland & Norway in the middle of the North Sea & home of the famous “Shetland Ponies“), I found Shetland Jewellery.  And guess what: their logo is a swan!!!

Here I am (below) with Master Jeweler Marina–who was peacefully working on more swan items when a crazed lady from Chicago just happened to pass her way on the fateful morning of July 19, 2011.

Photo Credit: Rich Miller

This design is called “the 3 Norns,” from left: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. It almost felt like I was hallucinating. Too good to be true? No, totally true. You can log on right now & see for yourself.

Your SWANtrepreneur: always looking for new opportunities to Support Women Artists Now 🙂

Photo Credit: Megan from GoNext Tours

PS: I obviously fell behind on new film reviews while I was away, but luckily several of the most interesting new releases are only now about to open.  Stay tuned for reviews of Higher Ground, One Day, & The Whistleblower all coming soon from your Hot Pink Pen.

More trip pix available on my Facebook page:

Jan Lisa Huttner

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    This is the best example of the moon and the stars aligning to watch over you – and blessing your dedication to the cause!

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