8th International SWAN Day

Today is the 8th annual International SWAN Day! Perhaps you have already planned something to do this weekend to Support Women Artists Now. If not there is still time!

WhiteSWANClick HERE to look for events close to you. If there’s nothing convenient, don’t give up!

There are several new films written &/or directed by women filmmakers at art houses and multiplexes. Perhaps there are exhibits at local museums and art galleries. Perhaps you can see a play or dance or other performance.

And if you just want to stay home, there are a huge number of films by women filmmakers that you can watch on DVD, cable, and video on demand. Reviews of hundreds of films by women filmmakers are already on this blog.

So be a SWAN this weekend: Do something to Support Women Artists Now 🙂

Click HERE read a short history of International SWAN Day on the WomenArts website.

Click HERE for more of my reviews of films by women filmmakers on the WomenArts website.

Click HERE to “look inside” my book Penny’s Picks for a fuller explanation of the who, what, when, where & how of International SWAN Day.

Follow this link to read my timeline 10 Years in the Pond: 10YearsInThePond


International SWAN Day planning session with co-founder Martha Richards on May 15, 2010 in San Francisco. (Photo Credit: Melissa Wilks)


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