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LANDLINE (2017): Review by Roza Melkumyan

Director and co-writer Gillian Robespierre takes us back to 1995 with this snapshot of a family during the time of floppy disks and landline telephones. In this comedy, relationships are jeopardized when “Ali” (Abby Quinn) discovers that her father is having an affair, while “Dana” (Jenny Slate), Ali’s older sister, grows bored with her tame […]


GIRLS TRIP (2017): Review by Lindsy Bissonnette

Written by Erica Rivinoja, Tracy Oliver, and Kenya Barris, and directed by Malcolm D. Lee, Girls Trip is the story of four best friends reuniting in New Orleans for a weekend of well-deserved fun. Unfortunately, they’re all in for more than they bargained for when old friends, and new enemies, appear. Girls Trip hits home […]


THE WRONG LIGHT (2016): Review by Roza Melkumyan

Directors Josie Swantek Heitz’s and Dave Adams’ documentary The Wrong Light takes place in Thailand, where the business of human trafficking is prevalent. The film begins by diving into the personal story of activist Mickey Choothesa, focusing on his work rescuing young girls from brothels and bringing them to the Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia […]