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LOVER FOR A DAY (2017): Review by Katusha Jin

Writers Jean-Claude Carrière, Caroline Deruas-Garrel, Philippe Garrel, and Arlette Langmann, team up to write a raw and touching story about real-life romance in Lover for a Day. Set in Paris, a city known for love and romance, director Philippe Garrel presents a story of passion and jealousy on a nostalgic black-and-white screen. (KIZJ: 4.5/5)


MY ART (2017): Review by Amelie Lasker

When Ellie leaves her New York bubble of gallery shows and art students to housesit upstate for a summer, she is surprised by the discoveries she makes, in friendships and in artistic projects alike. With a casual pace and some particularly poignant and funny moments, My Art is a quiet enjoyment. (AEL: 3.5/5)


VAZANTE (2017): Review by Malin Jornvi

Vazante is painful to watch. Director and co-writer Daniela Thomas challenges the viewers in both subject matter and execution, but if you can stay with the long takes, presented without score and without color, a slow momentum is created that leads to an extraordinarily powerful ending. (MJJ: 3.5/5)