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MUDBOUND (2017): Take Two by Katharine Cutler

Directed by Dee Rees and co-written with Virgil Williams, Mudbound was recently nominated for 4 Oscars, including the first ever female nominee for cinematography, Rachel Morrison, but missed out on Best Picture and Best Director. Here’s why I think the Oscars made a mistake. (KAC: 5/5)


THE OPERA HOUSE (2017): Review by Amelie Lasker

In documentary The Opera House, writer and director Susan Froemke tells the story of the Met Opera and the people who built it and love it. In this unexpectedly personal account, we get charming insights into opera stars’, house managers’ and executives’, and architects’ experiences. Froemke has created a fascinating picture of how art and humanity survive across time and place. (AEL: 4/5)