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I FEEL PRETTY (2018): Review by Farah Elattar

Written and directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, I Feel Pretty stars Amy Schumer in a meaningful comedy that tells the story of a young woman who discovers the true definition of beauty, in a world that makes it so hard to find. (FEA 5/5). Review by FF2 Intern Farah Elattar “Renee Barrett” (Amy […]


LITTLE PINK HOUSE (2017): Review by FF2 Media

Director Courtney Balaker gives us a true story of a woman who led her community in standing up to pharmaceutical company Pfizer. While Little Pink House feels like a Lifetime movie, the story is still quite inspiring, and there are many admirable performances in this tale of bravery and civic duty. (GPG: 3/5) Review by […]


LOU ANDREAS-SALOME – THE AUDACITY TO BE FREE (2016): Review by Amelie Lasker

A gentle score and soft, dreamy flashbacks give this film the feel of a period romance, though the story’s loyalty to Lou’s own obstinate personality ultimately makes it a fascinating character study. Well done, Lou Andreas-Salomé! (AEL: 4/5)