‘The Wandering Soap Opera’ both confounds and enlightens

Through the efforts of his wife and co-director Valeria Sarmiento, the final film of the late Chilean filmmaker Raoul Ruiz has finally made it to the public. The Wandering Soap Opera (in Spanish, La telenovela errante) presents Chilean life as an ensemble of soap operas, exploring their tropes while infusing each scene with its own thread of nonsensical consciousness. Watching proved to be a confusing yet highly amusing journey that gave me a long look inside the mind of a great filmmaker. (RMM: 4/5)

Review by FF2 Associate Roza M. Melkumyan





Q: Does The Wandering Soap Opera pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test? 


With all the nonsensical conversation that this film features, it does include a scene where women discuss their pasts as schoolmates. Although I should note that however much the conversation wanders, it does begin and end on the subject of men.

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