‘The Sweet Requiem’ tells powerful story of reconciliation

26 year old “Dolkar” (Tenzin Dolker) lives in a Tibetan refugee colony in Delhi. 18 years ago she traveled through the Himalayan Mountains with her father to escape Chinese armed forces and reach a better life, leaving behind her mother and sister. While her current day life in Delhi is comfortable, the long and arduous journey she went through as a young girl has  shaped the person she grew into.

As conditions in Tibet grow increasingly tense, with self-immolations constantly on the news, Dolkar tries repeatedly to get in contact with her sister, who is still in Tibet, who she hasn’t talked to for a year because of unreliable phone service. Unexpectedly, a man she recognizes from her past appears in Delhi under the identity of an activist. Through him she must find reconciliation with her own story and the larger story of Tibetan refugees.

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