Film Review: SECRETARY

Lee’s family hides its demons behind a perfect surface. Then she (Gyllenhaal) meets a man (Spader) who not only sees but comments on her every flaw. Exposure exhilarates her. Meanwhile, of course, he’s got problems of his own. Beautifully stylized, highly erotic, psychologically acute “romantic comedy.” NOTE: Adults only! More on SECRETARY.

Film Review: SAVING FACE

“Ma” (Chen) is a Chinese-speaking widow locked in her Flushing enclave. “Wil” (Krusiec), her American-born daughter, is a doctor (great!) & a lesbian (oops!). Then Ma gets pregnant, her patriarchal father expels her, & she moves into Wil’s Manhattan apartment. Charming film: feminist/humanist messages artfully placed with warmth & humor. More on SAVING FACE.


Holocaust drama directed by left-wing German feminist focuses on ordinary people caught in the maelstrom of history. Contemporary framing story about a Manhattan Jewish family works to emphasize shades of gray in a story typically told in b&w. Bottomline: German people did know what was happening. Some protested. Most didn’t.***** For more, see the “Columns”…