A woman (Thompson) who has devoted her entire life to scholarship & academic excellence finds she has become “the text” rather than the teacher when she agrees to participate in an aggressive chemotherapy research protocol. A gripping & compelling tour of the healthcare system from the patient’s point of view. More on WIT.


Four matriarchs (African-American, Jewish, Latina, & Vietnamese) roll up their sleeves to prepare Thanksgiving dinners for their separate clans. Your mouth waters as you mentally savor the multiple ethnic juices. Then the guests assemble & the psychodramas begin. All of the actresses are excellent & each ensemble rings true. More on WHAT’S COOKING?.


Hooray for Deepa Mehta: Water was nominated for an Oscar today in the Best Foreign Language Film category 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! For original review on the Digital Filmmaker website… Or click here to print review as a pdf: WATER Review 1938: Child marriage is still legal in India & Gandhi is creating the first ripples of…


      The first time I saw BLACK BOOK, I was at a critics screening, so I saw it way before anyone else I knew (except selected Chicago colleagues, of course).  I absolutely LOATHED this film, & I assumed others (especially women) would too.  So imagine my amazement when various friends (several schvesters among them) told me they…